WTF is Weirdohead?

There are a lot of weird products on the internet. I mean, seriously.  With the ability to access every single person across the entire world even if you’re some guy sitting in his pajamas in the basement eating chips, suddenly we have a lot of weird guys in their basements using the web to access all those people and try to sell them some weird things.

Sure, maybe only one person in  a million might have the slightest interest, but with the internet it only costs like ten bucks to make a site that can connect you to all of those people. So you can have a site that sell custom snowflakes, for example, and actually make money at it.

Weirdohead is my site, and I do not sell anything. Instead, every time I stumble across another strange product or strange site selling strange things, I’m going to post it on here. And I’m willing to bet that before the year is up I’ll have a heck of a lot of really strange things on here. Like, willing to bet real money, seriously.

(Due to masses of spam, I have comments turned off on every page except this one. So if you’ve got something to say leave a comment here).

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