Customized, Schmustomized

So, I’ve found at least three metric craptons of random stuff on the interwebs since I started this blog. (Not that anyone has really noticed; I’m pretty sure me and my grandma are the only two people who read it. And maybe my cousin Paul, but he doesn’t count ’cause he’s a doofus.) And, in discovering all these random, Weirdohead things, I’ve noticed that many of them are “customizable.” You can get customized sneakers, customized belts, customized windbreak fences, customized wiring harnesses…Heck, I once found a company called Pneumadyne that will build a customized air manifold for you. If you were to need such a thing for some reason.

But the big question is, why? Why are so many products nowadays customizable? Whatever happened to making do with what you’ve got? Not to sound like an old, crusty, get-the-hell-off-my-lawn type, but I definitely remember a time when, if you needed something specific, and you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for, you’d just buy the closest thing you could find and just make that SH work.

Maybe that’s part of the problem with ‘Merica today. Everybody wants every last little thing to be just exactly perfectly specifically precisely the way they want it. Nobody just buckles down and makes do anymore. Everything’s too easy-peasy and perfect and custom made to people’s stupid little hipster dipSH whims.

We need to start taking a cue from Dr. Seuss, folks: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

And how about another cue from Tim Gunn: “Make it work.”