5 Axis CNC Machine – What?

5 axis cnc machine

This is a 5 axis CNC machine from their site. These are huge. It would not fit in my garage.

Okay, I’m going to start things off with a really strange one — the 5 axis CNC machine. I was poking around YouTube and following those random suggested links at the end of the video and came across a video on CNC machining where basically a robot was making a sculpture. Seriously.

The link on the video took me to this place that has 5 axis CNC machines, which are the robots. All this company does is make these machines, and they have an entire website devoted to selling them.

Let’s run down the Weirdohead list of weirdness here:

  • They make machines so that robots can make statues for you
  • These are giant, huge, ginormous machines that are used in factories and stuff. Really, you need a website to sell these? Do giant manufacturing factories really shop online for their giant factory equipment and cnc machines?
  • Okay, here’s the big one: 5 axis cnc machine? 5 axis? Really? Because, you know, there are 3 dimensions and once you got up and down, back and forth, and side to side you have 3 axis covering every possible 3-dimensional movement. Tell me exactly what the other 5 axis are — is this some kind of magical cnc machine that travels through wormholes and changes history while it’s making sculptures?

For all my complaints — and I think the 5 axis complaint is pretty valid, and you gotta admit that 5 axis cnc machines are a weird thing to be trying to sell online — I have to admit that robot sculptors are pretty cool. I kinda wish I had one. If they made wee personal versions that didn’t require all kinds of special training and a vast warehouse to install it, I’d totally get a little model making cnc machine myself.