Half Spacer, Half Coupling, Half Bear

So, technology, right? It rarely ceases to amaze, or at least befuddle. Particularly when two devices that seem to be totally different, even opposite, are combined into a single gizmo. For example: the “spacer coupling.”

If one needs to insert a spacer into a system, it’s usually there to provide space between components (hence the clever name), and that’s about it. If one’s adding a coupling, it’s usually designed solely to couple two components (again with the clever naming conventions). A spacer coupling seems to be counterintuitive to the function of both individual devices—if you need space between components, connecting them seems like it would only exacerbate that need; if you need to connect two components, why would you want extra space between them?

Granted, I’m no mechanic, and I’m certainly no engineer, so the genius of this device could simply be lost on me. But it seems to me that if, for example, my pants are too tight (and in need of a “spacer”), connecting them somehow (via a pants “coupler”) would not help in the slightest.

It could be, however, that this hybrid device harnesses the best qualities of its component parts (in this case, the “spacer” and the “coupling”) with none of those parts’ inherent weaknesses, much like the fabled ManBearPig.