Please, Take Your Time. I Insist

Today’s Weirdohead entry is about a dubious item that, the way I see it, seems to be promoting convenience over safety. Normally, I’m all about convenience, because I’m generally one of the laziest people you’ll ever find. BUT, in the case of these quick connect devices, it really might be best to take the longer, less convenient route.

You see, a quick connect is a little metal or plastic devices that is used to quickly connect two pieces of tubing (it’s more than just a clever name). From what I could gather from the website upon which I found these devices, they’re quite frequently used for medical applications. In certain circumstances, sure, you need things to move quickly in a hospital—in the emergency room, for example. However, if these tubes you’re quickly connecting are going to deliver important, potentially lifesaving drugs or hemoglobin or what have you, it would probably be best to take your time connecting them so you make sure you do it right.

“This patient needs two units of plasma, stat!”

Click-bang-zoom! Quick connected. “Go for it, doc.”

“Okay, let’s get him—aw, $#!t, the tubes weren’t hooked up right.”

“But I sure did it fast.”

“That you most certainly did. He’s dead now, though.”

“Oh, well. Those tubes went together super easy, so there’s that.”

“Good point. Well done, nurse.”


Or Just Buy A Lot of Bread…

There are times when a website is dubbed Weirdohead not because of what it is selling, but because it is selling that particular item or items in the first place. Case in point: a site I stumbled across that is dedicated almost solely to selling twist ties. You read that correctly: a website that sells those little paper coated wire thingies that hold the bag around your bread closed.

There’s no question that twist ties are useful—obviously, the world needs some way to keep bread fresh. And twist ties do have about a million other uses, like keeping the cables and wires behind your TV in neat, orderly coils or holding Xmas lights in place when you have them cascading down the bannister of your stairs.

But, why would someone go online to buy twist ties? All one really needs to do is plan ahead a little bit and keep all the complimentary twist ties that, for example, come with loaves of bread. Most everyone I know eats bread on the reg, so it won’t take long before you’ve got quite a stockpile of twist ties to use for this, that, and/or the other.

I will admit that this site shucking twist ties offers a pretty huge variety of the things, in numerous lengths and thicknesses and etc. that most people probably never even knew existed. But, if you need a longer than usual twist tie, you can just twist two normal length ones together et voila. Or, if you need a stronger than usual twist tie, you can just use two (or more). It’s not rocket surgery, for crying out loud.

However, these cats do offer one interesting option that might be worth the time and money. They have special twist ties with holiday themed designs printed on them, in particular a Halloween themed variety emblazoned with jack o’ lanterns. I really have no clue what one would use them for, I just really like pumpkins. So that’s neat.