Distillation: Inspiration for Blogification

So, I’ve come across quite a few strange devices in my incessant, insomniac internet inspections, but these ones are real humdingers. Specifically, humdingers in that the description of what they do is not nearly as interesting as what they actually do.

These gizmos I came across are called “distillation and purification systems,” which sounds awesome, because, yes, please, distill me some booze. And I guess purify it, too, so it tastes better, or whatever. Whaddaya got? Whiskey? Vodka? Scotch? Gin? Doesn’t matter, pour me a glass!

Anywho, it turns out these devices are used to remove solvents from water. Not sure what kind of solvents, exactly, because once I realized they weren’t meant for bootlegging hooch, I skedaddled. Curse you and your deceptive wording! And curse your deceptive wording for not really being all that deceptive because it actually is an accurate description of what the product does! So, really, curse the English language for having words that mean more than one thing! And, ultimately, curse the word “distillation” in particular, because it really does mean the same thing in both cases, but one way of interpreting it is way more fun!

And while we’re at it, curse the internet in general—thief of time and sleep! Just kidding, internet. I love you.