Evil Sorcerer, or Advanced Plastic Polymer?

The valiant elven knight Carlos, heir to the realm of Mirkwood, stalked through his forest, tracking his prey while doing his best not to be tracked himself by that very same prey. Both were hunted and hunter.

Then, in the clearing ahead, barely visible in the ghostly moonlight, stood he who Carlos sought: Torlon the Silver Sorcerer. In the flat, thin shadows cast by the sliver of moon cascading over the brim of the villainous wizard’s great round hat, Carlos could not tell if Torlon was facing toward or away from him.

He could wait no longer to find out. Soundlessly sliding an arrow from the quiver on his back, Carlos fit nock to string and drew back on his bow. After a long, slow, silent exhale, he let fly his arrow.

The arrow struck Torlon square in the chest, for he was, in fact, looking directly at Carlos as he fired. The projectile deflected off of Torlon and flew end over end into the trees behind him. The Silver Sorcerer was entirely unharmed, for he was not just named Torlon, his entire magical being was made of Torlon, which is apparently one of the most advanced plastic polymers in the world. From what I can gather, Torlon is lighter and stronger than metal, and it has a wizardy-sounding name.

And Carlos lived out the rest of his days in the enchanted forest of Mirkwood in peace. He later became a cheesemaker, and also king.