Like Underpants, It Seems Potentially Hazardous

Some of the internet’s biggest empires were built on selling used stuff. (Amazon, for example. Remember when those guys just sold used books?) On certain internet sites, one man’s used stuff can truly become another man’s treasure. (i.e. eBay. Did you get that one already? Figured.) And, in some of those same places, you can find literally anything used. (That time I meant Amazon and eBay. You got that, too, huh?)

But, dear reader, just because you can buy something used, doesn’t necessarily mean you should, no matter how less expensive it may be. Underpants, for example. Would you, under any circumstances, or for any price, buy a pair of used underpants over the internet? Or from any source, really? Didn’t think so. Why? Well, among dozens of other reasons, it seems potentially hazardous.

“Okay, get to it already,” you might be saying. “What randomly discovered internet item are you rambling on about this time?” Well, Wisenheimer Jackson, Jr., this time, I’m talking about used welding equipment. It seems potentially hazardous. But then again, all welding equipment seems potentially hazardous to me. If I knew how to weld, it would probably seem totally legit. From the outside looking in, however, it seems like more than a bit of a safety hazard.