Magic & Mystery Abound

So, I’ve seen some pretty random stuff for sale on the ol’ interwebs in my day, but this one just might take the cake. And I do realize that the products I’m referring to here are actually quite useful, and are downright essential to certain jobs. But they seem like the kind of thing that people who actually need them just automatically have—like how no one’s ever actually gone out and bought a stapler. Everyone that needs one just has one, somehow.

“Jeez, Kev Dog,” you’re likely saying right about now. “Your killing me with the suspense over here. Just what in the H-E-double-stuff-Oreo are you talking about, man?!?” Well, I’ll tell you…right after this.

*advert for chewing gum*

And we’re back! So, the items in question? Clothing tag attachers (sold by AndFel [?] in this case)—the little plastic pistol-looking things that you attach tags to clothing with (it’s more than just a clever name). Like I said above, obviously these are quite useful to the right people. Having worked in a retail clothing store in the past, I can attest to their worth. But, honestly, has anyone ever needed to purchase one? Or, upon realizing you needed such a thing, did you find that you magically had one in a drawer or closet already?

That’s what I thought. It just appeared, and you have no idea from whence. Magic and mystery abound…