Ridiculous Specificity Will Get You…Somewhere?

So, I realize that there are tools specific to every job, no matter what it may be. And, of course, some jobs require more specialized tools than others. But holy frijoles, sometimes the level of specialization in these tools can be straight up ridiculous.

I have found quite a few examples of this in my insomniac internet investigations, but this particular item not only takes the cake, it eats the whole thing in one sitting and doesn’t share with the other kids in class. Check it out:

Who DOESN'T need a brush like this?

Who DOESN’T need a brush like this?

That, dear reader, is a 3/8” diameter body, goat hair fill, 0.063” orifice, male thread, high-pressure flow through brush. FIFTEEN words used just for the name of that bad boy. I would maybe—maybe—expect that level of specificity when calling out a piece of medical equipment, or perhaps some kind of high tech electronic component, but a brush? How over the top precise does a brush need to be, for any purpose?

For what purpose does one use this very, very specific brush? One half elephant, one half rhino: ‘ell if I know. But I will venture a guess and say vacuuming a model railroad. That strikes me as the kind of activity where a dude could get super wrapped up in having every last little detail just right, and as such would require a brush that has fifteen words in its name. Not because it has fifteen words in its name, but because it just has to be that very, very specific type of brush. Model railroad dudes are finicky like that. Probably.