What Is It With You & Aluminum Anodizing, Man?

I’ll tell you what it is with me and aluminum anodizing (man): this process slightly blows my mind. Not my whole mind, but part of it; about a third, maybe. So slightly, but not completely.

‘Cause think about it: you put aluminum stuff in a pool of the gods only know what kind of chemicals, add enough electricity to wipe out a herd of goats, and a little extra coloring sauce of some kind, and BAM! Not only is your aluminum stronger and harder than it was before, now it’s blue. Or red, or purple, or orange or yellow or green or whatever. And it’s not like you just painted it—any jerk can paint metal to make it a different color. With aluminum anodizing, you actually make the metal be a different color. With science. And electricity.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how much electricity this process requires. It probably varies by how much aluminum you’re anodizing, or how thick it is, or something like that. But it’s probably not actually enough to kill a bunch of goats. Maybe one goat, two tops. But that would be mean. Leave the poor goats alone, dang it. All they ever wanted was to chew on stuff and have their milk be made into delicious cheese. Is that so awful? Is it?!?

Okay. Rant ended. Hooray goats.